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links to guidelines, howtos, and other documents related to management of data in the NEEShub repository

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  1. Main Page

    NEEShub Boot Camp Wiki The NEEShub Boot Camp is a series of webinars hosted by NEEScomm aimed at familiarizing student researchers with the expectations for projects on NEEShub. These webinars...

  2. NEES Curation

    Contents 1 Curation 1.1 Curation status 1.2 Requirements for Curation 1.3 Description Requirements 1.4 File format 1.5 Data Types 1.6 Requirements for Data Files with Sensor...

  3. FileFormats

    registry of file formats uploaded to NEES Data Repositry

  4. Data Documentation

    NEES Data Documentation NEEScomm Data Sharing and Archiving Procedures datasharingandarchivingproceduresfinal.pdf