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  1. Make Your Own Earthquake: Seismac Activity I: "Take the pulse of your classroom using Seismac!"

    11 Apr 2011 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    Students should already have received instruction on the basic principles of seismic waves. For ideas on how to provide this instruction please see:...

  2. Make Your Own Earthquake: Earthquake Resistant Structure Using Wood Blocks

    25 Mar 2011 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): Tenille Denise Medley

    Part of the Make Your Own Earthquake series. Students will divide into groups of 3 or 4. Each group will perform three separate experiments using wooden blocks on a shake table to demonstrate how...

  3. Amateur video of liquefaction during Earthquake

    21 Mar 2011 | Multimedia | Contributor(s): Rajesh Thyagarajan

    Amateur video of liquefaction during Earthquake - CNN iReporter Brent Kooi catches the earth moving and cracking beneath his feet as the quake strikes Japan. March 11, 2011. TOHOKU JAPAN...

  4. Feb 09 2011

    HASTI 2011 - Hoosiers Association of Science Teachers, Inc - NEES booth

    The NEES Education, Outreach, and Training team will be presenting materials to K-12 teachers at the Hoosiers Association of Science Teachers, Inc conference on science education in Indinanpolis....

  5. Knowledge Representation and Design for Managing Product Obsolescence

    04 Jan 2011 | Poster | Contributor(s): Peter Sandborn

    Fast moving technologies cause commercial high-tech components to have shortened procurement life cycles, rendering them obsolete quickly. The fast turnover of technology creates problems for...

  6. Tsunami Wave Impact Forces on Cylinders

    16 Aug 2010 | Active Documents | Contributor(s): Philip Liu, Harry Yeh, Solomon Yim

    The impact of tsunami (or solitary wave) as well as cnoidal waves on an array of cylinders will be examined under this experiment. The purpose of the experiment is to provide accurate wave runup,...

  7. Earthquake in the Classroom

    05 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects

    Students will learn how engineers construct buildings to withstand damage from earthquakes by building their own structure with toothpicks and marshmallows. Students will test how earthquake-proof...

  8. Survive That Tsunami!

    05 Aug 2010 | Learning Objects | Contributor(s): NEES EOT

    Students use a table-top-sized tsunami generator to observe the formation and devastation of a tsunami. They see how a tsunami moves across the ocean and what happens when it reaches the...