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  1. can i use sap2000 to find the optimal reinforcement of a concrete slab with a special cross section?

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    hi, i am optimizing the platform of a weighbridge which is supposed to weigh a 50 ton truck. it’s cross section is somehow that i am sure it is not in the available cross sections of the...

  2. Simulation Wiki

    Contents 1 Simulation tools 1.1 OpenSees 1.1.1 Accessing the Workspace 1.1.2 Launching OpenSees as you would on your local computer 1.1.3 Running Simulations on the NEEShub Servers 1.1.4...

  3. Apr 07 2012

    EERI: SAP2000 and CSI/Bridge Software Workshop

    EERI – Purdue University Student Chapter will be hosting Computers and Structures (CSI) on Saturday April 7th, 2012 for a full-day training of SAP2000 and CSI/Bridge software. These structural...