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Performance-Based Design and Real-Time Large-Scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems
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Complete - 09/09/2011

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Experiment-10: Dynamic System Identification on DBF - Rigid Links OFF - Ground Links ON - Loading Beams OFF
Experiment Type: Large Scale
Description: System Identification Tests conducted in Lehigh University aim identifying DBF's dynamic characteristics, in terms of frequencies and mode shapes. The results will be used to model the frame for control purposes during RTHT.
The tested structure has no loading beams and rigid links on brace points attached.
Each in-plane and out-of-plane repetitions contain 10 to 20 hammer hits. In-plane tests took 400 seconds, out-of-plane and ambient vibration tests took 300 seconds.
In this experiment ICP/PCB sensors are used. The structure is hit with an impact hammer to get the free vibration of the structure. The signal generated by hammer and sensors are collected by a top-of-edge DAQ system with a built-in ICP signal conditioner, VibPilot. Both sensors and DAQ system used for these experiments were non-NEES and are documented in the Documentation. The binary file of the collected data is converted with VibPilot software, SO Analyzer into MATLAB files.
Dates: March 24, 2011 - March 25, 2011
Facility: Lehigh University, PA, United States
Specimen Type: Dampered Braced Frame
Material: Materials used in DBF components Materials used in DBF components (view)
Sensors: Sensor layout is uploaded to Documentation!
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Tags (keywords):
  1. Impact Testing
  2. Transfer Function
  3. System Identification
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Ali Ozdagli, Anthony Friedman, Ryan Ahn, Baiping Dong, Shirley Dyke, James Ricles, Richard Sause (2013). "Dynamic System Identification on DBF - Rigid Links OFF - Ground Links ON - Loading Beams OFF", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D31J9770D