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Tsunami Generation by Landslides: Integrating Laboratory Scale Experiments, Numerical Models and Natural Scale Applications
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Complete - 05/13/2013

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Experiment-24: Phase 2: Island120Rocks - water depth h=1.2 m: Measurements of radial wave propagation, wave runup, landslide kinematics and deposit
Experiment Type: Tsunami Wave Basin
Description: The landslide tsunami generator (LTG) was deployed in the conical island scenario with a water depth of 1.2 m. The conical island configuration consists of the LTG mounted to a conical section with a base diameter of 10 m and a slope of 1:2 (vertical:horizontal) or I? = 27.1E?. Wave gauges were strategically placed in the basin along rays at various angles from the landslide source to describe the tsunami wave angular dependence. A hybrid system of runup wave gauges and camera recordings focused on the runup slope measured the wave runup. The deformable landside material consisted of naturally rounded river cobbles. The landslide surface kinematics were recorded with a stereo particle image velocimetry (PIV) setup. The landslide deposit was scanned with a multi-transducer acoustic (MTA) array.
Dates: September 02, 2011 - September 08, 2011
Facility: Oregon State University, OR, United States
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Sensors: NEESltg3_instm_locations_2011_07_25_1200
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Tags (keywords):
  1. landslide
  2. tsunami
  3. runup
  4. wave propagation
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Brian McFall, Hermann Fritz (2013). "Phase 2: Island120Rocks - water depth h=1.2 m: Measurements of radial wave propagation, wave runup, landslide kinematics and deposit", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D3R49G90K