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Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris
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Complete - 05/28/2013

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Experiment-5: Small Scale Impact Tests at UH (additional testing with new strain gages and stationary nonstructural mass)
Experiment Type: Other
Description: These tests are a continuation of Experiment 1: Small Scale Impact Tests at UH. The tests focus on the 2 meter and 3 meter tubes used in the earlier experiment. There were two phases to this experiment.

Phase 1 involved repeating the experiments described in Experiment 1 with the 2 m and 3 m tubes, but at a new cross section, six strain gages were added to get a better resolution of average strain in the tube. The addition of the new strain gages allowed for additional testing with an insight on the strain behavior of the projectiles.

Phase 2 involved modification of these two projectiles by the addition of two mounts attached to the projectiles using epoxy (J-B Weld). The mounts allowed for the temporary addition of stationary mass (weight lifting plates) of 2.5 lb, 5 lb, and 10 lb weight plates per mount. These weights represented "nonstructural" mass.

During testing, a total of 10 strain gages per projectile were analyzed. The testing primarily utilized six strain gages with a recording frequency of 25,000 Hz, except the initial test involving two strain gages that were repeated from Experiment 1: Small Scale Impact Tests at UH.

The documentation tab provides information on the specific setup including any changes as follows:
-the location of the 10 strain gages on each projectile
-the fabrication details of the mounts and their location on each projectile
-the specification of the weights

All repetitions consists of one data file and one video file placed in the 'Unprocessed Data' folder.

The data files contain raw data collected from the data acquisition system during testing. The following lists the different columns and their units expressed in physical units:
-Row: arbitrary data point number
-Time: seconds
-Load Cell: Kip
-Strain_: in/in

Numerical values in all data files used these units, despite what may be given in the file.

The video file provides a tape measure. For the following trials, the tape measure are in US Customary units:
-Trial-1: 2.2
-Trial-12: 2.6
-Trial-18: 3.2
-Trial-19: 3.6
All other trials provides a metric scale.

All other information can be found in 'Experiment 1' such as the testing procedure and material properties. Documentation only provides the changes made to that setup.
Dates: June 01, 2011 - April 01, 2012
Facility: University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI, United States
Specimen Type: Steel tubes (view)
Material: Component 1 Component 1 (view)
Sensors: Sensor List 2m projectile - Strain Configuration 2
Sensor List 2m projectile - Strain Configuration C
Sensor List 2m projectile - Strain Configuration L
Sensor List 3m projectile - Strain Configuration 2
Sensor List 3m projectile - Strain Configuration C
Sensor List 3m projectile - Strain Configuration L
Trial ( ? ) Repetition ( ? ) Interactive ( ? ) UnprocessedConvertedCorrectedDerived
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Loading Trial-2..
Loading Trial-3..
Loading Trial-4..
Loading Trial-5..
Loading Trial-6..
Loading Trial-7..
Loading Trial-8..
Loading Trial-9..
Loading Trial-10..
Loading Trial-11..
Loading Trial-12..
Loading Trial-13..
Loading Trial-14..
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Loading Trial-16..
Loading Trial-17..
Loading Trial-18..
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Kevin Lau, H.R. Riggs (2013). "Small Scale Impact Tests at UH (additional testing with new strain gages and stationary nonstructural mass)", Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, DOI:10.4231/D3QZ22H2K