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Replication data for: Time-series, cross-sectional dataset on police jurisdictions in Tokyo, Japan from 1922 until 1933
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Complete - 04/15/2014

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Study-1: Data collected between 1922-1933
Experiment Type: Social Science Study
Description: This new, original dataset contains political, social, and demographic data on the city of Tokyo from 1922 until 1933. The unit of analysis is the police jurisdiction or ward, defined by the 39 koban (police boxes) established throughout the city. This dataset is designed to investigate questions of recovery and rebuilding following the 1923 earthquake.

For more info on the project, consult to study description file in the documentation. The codebook accompanying this data has full descriptions of each of the variables, including range, unique values, the number of recorded and missing observations, means, standard deviations, and percentile distributions of values. The codebook has both the variable names and their extended labels as well.
Dates: January 01, 2007 - December 31, 2008
Facility: Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN, United States
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  1. Tokyo
  2. Japan
  3. earthquake
  4. police
  5. disaster