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Dynamic Passive Pressure on Full-Scale Pile Caps
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Complete - 06/21/2013

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Experiment-7: Backfill Test # 5: Loosely Compacted Fine Gravel
Experiment Type: Field
Description: Tests were done to assess the lateral load response of full-scale pile cap with a backfill condition of loosely compacted fine gravel. The test site had three basic features: a reaction foundation, a test pile cap, and the backfill soil zone. The pile caps were subjected to static, cyclic and dynamic loadings. The hydraulic load actuators statically loaded (pushed slowly) the pile cap to target displacement levels that were incrementally larger. For each level, the actuators would apply low frequency, small displacement loading cycles to the pile cap, and an eccentric mass shaker would apply higher frequency, small displacement dynamic load cycles.

At some displacement increments, no cyclic or dynamic loadings were applied in order to help assure that sufficient displacement had occurred for the load path to return to the static-backbone loading curve.
Dates: June 06, 2007 - June 06, 2007
Facility: Brigham Young University, UT, United States
University of California, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Specimen Type: Testing Layout (view)
Material: Reaction Foundation Reaction Foundation (view)
Piles and Pile Cap Piles and Pile Cap (view)
Backfill Zone Backfill Zone (view)
Sensors: Sensors for Test 07
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  1. lateral load
  2. pile cap
  3. backfill
  4. dynamic loading
  5. static loading
  6. cyclic loading