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Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering, PBTE
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Complete - 04/17/2011

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PI(s): H. Ronald Riggs, kwok Cheung, Ian Robertson, Solomon Yim, Yin Young
Dates: September 15, 2005 - August 31, 2010
Facility: Oregon State University, OR, United States
Organization(s): Oregon State University, OR, United States
Princeton University, NJ, United States
University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI, United States
Tsunamis pose a significant threat to coastal communities and infrastructure throughout the world. In many cases horizontal evacuation is not possible due to the potential local source of the tsunami or the number of people to be evacuated. It is essential... (more)
Website(s): NEES HIreef (view)
Tsunami Engineering Research Initiative, TERI (view)
Group Space: Project:Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering, PBTE
Report on Data Status: View Report
Equipment: View Details
Tools: inDEED
kwok Cheung; Ian Robertson; H. Ronald Riggs, "Tsunami Bore Formation Over a Fringing Reef" (view)
Yin Young, "Erosion and Liquefaction Failure of Coastal Sandy Slopes Caused by Breaking Solitary Wave Runup and Drawdown " (view)
Ian Robertson, "Evaluation of Prototypical Reinforced Concrete Building Performance when Subjected to Tsunami Loading" (view)
Other Resources: H. Ronald Riggs; Gary Chock; Ian Robertson, "Development of Performance-Based Tsunami Engineering (PBTE)" (view)
Ian Robertson; H. Ronald Riggs, "Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering" (view)
Tags (keywords):
  1. Performance Based Tsunami Engineering
  2. Tsunami
Data Re-use Status: This Project does not reuse data from other projects.