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Large-Scale Testing of Fault Rupture Effects for SFPUC - BDPL3 & 4 Fault Crossing Phase 2
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Test 1D Step 5 a?? 16.25 ft of Displacement



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Complete - 05/16/2012

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PI(s): Thomas Denis O'Rourke, Harry Stewart
Dates: September 09, 2008 - October 15, 2009
Facility: Cornell University, NY, United States
Organization(s): Cornell University, NY, United States
This project includes tests performed for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) for the seismic upgrade of Bay Division Pipelines (BDPLs) at specific fault crossings. The tests were performed with the Large-Scale Lifelines Testing Facility... (more)
Website(s): Cornell@NEES Project Page (view)
Group Space: Project:Large-Scale Testing of Fault Rupture Effects for SFPUC - BDPL3 & 4 Fault Crossing Phase 2
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Tools: inDEED
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Tags (keywords):
  1. Fault rupture
  2. Partially Saturated Sand
  3. Protective segmental concrete vault
Data Re-use Status: This Project does not reuse data from other projects.