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Assessment of Punching Shear Vulnerability of Slab-Column Connections with Shear Stud Reinforcement
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Complete - 01/07/2014

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Executive Summary: Download Document
PI(s): Gustavo Jose Parra-Montesinos, Carol K Shield
Dates: September 01, 2009 - August 31, 2012
Facility: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, MN, United States
Organization(s): University of Michigan, MI, United States
Structural systems that consist of slabs directly supported by columns or flat plate frame systems are widely used in concrete construction because of their architectural appearance, functionality, and economy. In regions of high seismic hazard, they... (more)
Website(s): Assessment of Punching Shear Vulnerability (view)
Group Space: Project:Assessment of Punching Shear Vulnerability of Slab-Column Connections with Shear Stud Reinforcement
Report on Data Status: View Report
Equipment: View Details
Eric Michael Matzke, "Punching Shear Strength and Drift Capacity of Slab-Column Connections with Headed Shear Stud Reinforcement Subjected to Combined Gravity Load and Biaxial-Lateral Displacements" (view)
Eric Michael Matzke; Remy Lequesne; Carol K Shield; Gustavo Jose Parra-Montesinos, "Drift Capacity of Slab-Column Connections Reinforced with Headed Shear Studs and Subjected to Combined Gravity Load and Biaxial Lateral Displacements" (view)
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Tags (keywords):
  1. Slab-Column connection
  2. multiaxialsubassemblagetesting
  3. Reinforced Concrete
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