inDEED - Creating a Plot in inDEED

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

The inDEED tool has several plot types already built-in to the tool. This tutorial will show you how to create a plot using one of the built-in plot types. If you need to create a plot type that is not already included in the tool, please reference this tutorial. The built-in plot types include:

  • All sensor types vs. Time
  • All sensor types vs. Sample Number (e.g., the first data point is sample #1, the second data point is sample #2, etc.)
  • Acceleration vs. Displacement
  • Force vs. Acceleration

Selecting Sensors

The first step in creating a plot is to select the sensors of interest. You can do this by clicking the box in the far left column of the sensors panel, or you can click on individual sensors in the specimen view. Selected sensors will have a red check in both the sensors panel and the specimen view.


Creating a Plot

You can let the inDEED tool select what it deems to be the most appropriate plot type by setting the setting the plot type to “Automatic” and clicking the “Plot” button (located at the bottom of the left panel).


You can tell the inDEED tool which plot type you want to use by selecting it from the dropdown list and then clicking the “Plot” button. The plot types that appear in the dropdown list will be appropriate the sensor types you have selected. In this case, I have selected two accelerometers, so the inDEED tool is showing me the plot types that involve acceleration; two of these plot types are shown but not enabled because while they involve acceleration (or a measurement unit associated with acceleration – in this case displacement), they also involve displacement and I have not selected a displacement transducer.


Things to Know

  • The inDEED tool cannot automatically accommodate plot types that would normally require the use of two y-axes (e.g., plotting acceleration vs. time and displacement vs. time on the same plot). To accomplish this, you need to use the custom template builder. Custom plot types are covered in this tutorial.
  • If you select a sensor combination that the inDEED tool does not have a template to accommodate, it will try to create a plot that makes sense (e.g., if you select the time sensor, an accelerometer, and a displacement transducer, the tool will create either an acceleration-time history or a displacement-time history).
  • Each plot you create gets its own tab in the right panel. You can have multiple plots at one time; you do not have to close out one plot before creating another.
  • If your data is plotting as a function of sample number, check to make sure that your time sensor is selected.

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