inDEED - Creating Custom Plot Types in inDEED

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

The inDEED tool comes already equipped with some of the most basic plot types

  • All sensor types can be plotted vs. Time
  • All sensor types can be plotted vs. Sample Number (e.g., the first data point is sample #1, the second data point is sample #2, etc.)
  • Acceleration vs. Displacement
  • Force vs. Acceleration

If you try to create a plot that inDEED does not recognize (e.g., Current vs. Temperature), the tool will create the closest plot type that it can find (i.e., Current vs. Sample Number or Temperature vs. Sample Number). Before you can create this type of plot, you need to create a custom template to tell the inDEED tool how this data should be plotted.

Custom plot types can also be used to stack plots (i.e., to plot more than one data type against a single x-axis).

Building a Custom Template

The template builder menu option is located under the Plot menu.


Inside the template builder, you will provide a title for your new template and designate which sensor type goes on each axis. If you want to stack your plots, you should designate more than one data type for the y-axis.



Using a Custom Template

After you have saved your new template, it will appear in the dropdown list of available plot types.


Select your custom plot type and the sensors that you wish to plot, and then click the “Plot” button to create your custom plot type.



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