inDEED - Launching inDEED Outside of the Project Warehouse

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

Most users will launch inDEED through the Project Warehouse, but researchers who are creating inDEED files or using inDEED to analyze their data may need to launch inDEED on data files that are not yet located in the Project Warehouse.

Launching the inDEED Tool

The inDEED tool can be launched through the inDEED tool page (accessed via the Tools & Resources > Tools menu) or through the “My Tools” section of the “my NEEShub” dashboard.



Loading a Mapped Data File

When inDEED is launched outside of the Project Warehouse, the data file has to be manually loaded.

Open a data file via the File > Open Data File menu option. Note that you are opening the data file, not the inDEED mapping file. The inDEED tool will automatically locate and load the mapping file, which needs to be in the same directory as the data file.


Data files can be loaded from the home directory, the Project Warehouse, and the group dropboxes, or they can be imported from your local computer. Please reference the “Importing a Data File” section of this tutorial for more information.


Loading a Different Mapping File

The inDEED tool tries to automatically locate and load the mapping file (*.ind file) when you open a data file. If you need to manually load a mapping file (e.g., the inDEED tool loads the wrong mapping or you want to try out a different mapping or your mapping file is not located in the same directory with your data file), you can do this via the File > Open Author File menu option.

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