inDEED - Launching inDEED through the Project Warehouse

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

When a user clicks on an interactive data file in the Project Warehouse, the inDEED tool is automatically launched to display the file. This tutorial tells you how to determine if an experiment has interactive data files and how to access these files.

Does an Experiment have Interactive Files?

You can determine at a glance whether or not an experiment has interactive data files that can be viewed in the inDEED tool. When looking at the list of experiments for a project, the experiments containing interactive data files will have a “Launch Data File” link. This is a link to a single random data file belonging to that experiment. The experiment may have other interactive data files.


Accessing Interactive Files

The interactive data files can be accessed through the links in the “Data:” section of the experiment page. Any available interactive files will be listed in the “Interactive” column and they will be organized by repetition.


When you click on a link in the interactive column, the available interactive files will be shown, and you can launch inDEED by clicking the link in the “Application” column.


Notes to Users

  • You can load data for more than one repetition or data from different projects. Use the File > Open Data File menu option to open a second (or third, fourth, etc.) data file.

Notes to Researchers

  • When inDEED is launched through the Project Warehouse, only the selected file will be loaded automatically. Although it is possible to create a mapping that will encompass more than one data file (e.g., half the sensors are in one file and the other half are in another), do not expect that the user will view both files together. If you have data files that should be viewed together, consider designating those data sets as associated data sets (please see this tutorial).

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