inDEED - Loading Multiple Files in inDEED

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

You can open multiple data files in the inDEED tool. These files can either have the same format and share an inDEED mapping file (*.ind file) or they can have different formats so long as both files have their own mapping file.

This tutorial will start with one data file already open in inDEED and will walk you through the process of opening a second file.

Opening a Second Data File

Open a second data file through the File > Open Data File menu option.


You can open data files located in your home directory, group dropboxes, or the Project Warehouse (access the different locations using the bottons on the left side of the file open dialog box).


Viewing a Second Data File

The inDEED tool will load the sensors and data for the two data files separately, even if the two files share a mapping.


Once the second data file is loaded, you can create plots containing data from both files.


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