Specimen Authoring Tool - Manually Adding Sensors in the Specimen Authoring Tool

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

The Specimen Authoring Tool can automatically load your sensors from a data file. However, if you don’t have a data file, your data file is not currently in an importable format, or if your data file does not contain all of your sensors, you may need to manually add sensors when creating your mapping file (*.ind file).

Sensors can be added via the Sensor > Add Sensor menu option.


The sensor will be added as a user defined sensor. You will need to use the sensor properties panel to specify the sensor type, units, etc.


You can also copy and paste existing sensors (one or more sensors can be copied and pasted at a time). Note that the pasted sensors have the same name as the copied sensor, which needs to be edited.



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