Specimen Authoring Tool - Creating a Single Mapping File that Applies to Multiple Data Files

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

When creating an inDEED mapping file (*.ind file), you can import sensors from multiple data files.

In this tutorial, sensors will be loaded from two data files, a mapping will be created, and the files will be loaded in inDEED to illustrate how the inDEED tool handles this type of mapping.

Creating the Mapping

The two data files used in this tutorial are DispDataFile.csv and PPTDataFile.csv.

DispDataFile.csv contains displacement data, while PPTDataFile.csv contains pore pressure (PPT) data.


Both data files are loaded into the Specimen Authoring Tool via the Sensor > Load Sensor Data menu option. The data loads into separate groups, but can be rearranged. In this case, sensors from both files have been copied into a combined sensor group.


Viewing the Files

Now you have one mapping file that was created using sensors from two data files. The next step is to understand how users will view this data. The two data files and the mapping file have been uploaded into the Project Warehouse and the data files will be loaded into inDEED through the Project Warehouse (as a user would view them).

In the Project Warehouse, the user must select which file to view. If they want to load both files, they must load the second file manually.


When the user selects a file, only the sensors from that file are shown in inDEED. Note in the figure below, the displacement data has been loaded and the PPT data is missing.


If the second file is loaded manually, the inDEED tool will display it as a second file. The second file will not be integrated with the first file even though they were mapped together.



If there is a third data file that contains both the displacement and PPT sensor data, the mapping created here could be used to visualize that file and all of the mapped sensors would display correctly (i.e., the combined sensor group would contain both the displacement and PPT sensors).


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