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Specimen Authoring Tool - Saving an inDEED Mapping File

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

Saving a Mapping (*.ind) File

You can load a data file from the Project Warehouse, but you cannot save your mapping file directly to the Project Warehouse. You can save your mapping (*.ind) file to your home directory, where only you can access it, or to a group dropbox, where you can share it with other users in your group.


Once you have saved the mapping file, you can also export it to your local computer (You must have popups enabled)



Moving the Mapping File into the Project Warehouse

If the mapping file is located in your home directory, you can use PEN within the NEEShub (use the “Launch Tool” button, do not download the tool to your local computer) to move the file from the home directory into the Project Warehouse.

If the mapping file is located on your local computer, you can use PEN locally (download the tool to your local computer and launch it from there) or the Project Editor to move the file into the Project Warehouse.

If the mapping file is located in your group space dropbox, you cannot move it directly into the Project Warehouse. You will need to move it to your home directory (using SynchroNEES) or download it to your local computer before you can move it into the Project Warehouse.

NOTE: The Project Warehouse will not automatically associate a data file with inDEED. To indicate to the Project Warehouse that a data file has been mapped and can be opened using the inDEED tool, you need to tag the file as an inDEED file. Please see this tutorial for more details.

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