Sharing a Tool Session

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

Whether you are creating a mapping in the Specimen Authoring Tool or plotting data in the inDEED tool, there may come a time when you want to share your tool session with another NEEShub user or multiple NEEShub users. For example, you have created an inDEED mapping and you would like to show it to your advisor before uploading it into the project warehouse. You can accomplish this through the NEEShub’s tool sharing functionality.

Sharing a Tool Session

The tool sharing option is found below an active tool window. You can share your tool session with any NEEShub user. You can share the session using full rights, meaning that the person with whom you are sharing the session has edit capabilities (i.e., they can change your mapping or create new plots), or you can share the session with read only rights, meaning that the person with whom you are sharing the session will not be able to edit/manipulate the session (i.e., they can only see what you see). Shared sessions are congruent – every action you take in the parent session is visible in the shared session.

If you are sharing a session with someone, be sure to keep that session for later (i.e., use the “Keep for Later“ button to close the session, do not use the “Terminate” button). Do not terminate the session until you are both done with it. If you terminate the session, the person with whom you are sharing that session will no longer be able to access it.


Locating a Shared Session

If someone has shared a session with you, that session can be found under the “My Sessions” section of your “My NEEShub” dashboard. The shared session will have a link icon next to it and the username of the session owner will be shown.


Ending a Share

To stop sharing the session, return to the tool session, locate the sharing options panel below the tool session, and click on the x next to the name of the person with whom you have shared the session. If you have shared the session with multiple users, you can stop sharing with a particular user while continuing to share the session with other users.


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