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Using SynchroNEES to Download and Upload Files

by Rachelle Howell, George A. Howlett

The SnychroNEES tool allows you to move files between your local computer and your NEEShub home directory, the scratch directory (used when running simulations on the NEEShub), the group dropboxes, and your projects.

Downloading SynchroNEES

SynchroNEES is not a tool that you can run in the NEEShub. It is distributed as a downloadable file that you install on your local computer. The “Download” button on the SnychroNEES tool page will download the Windows installation (.msi) file. If you have a different operating system, you can download the appropriate installation file from the docs and attachments tab on the tool page.

Launching SynchroNEES

When you launch SynchroNEES, you will be asked to log in with your NEEShub login and password. Upon successful log in, SynchroNEES will display an “Overview” tab containing links to your home directory, the scratch space, your group spaces, and your projects.


Moving Files

You can move files as follows:

From To
local computer home directory
local computer group dropbox
home directory local computer
scratch space local computer
group dropbox local computer
project directory local computer

You cannot move files into the project directory using SynchroNEES, and you should not move files into the scratch space using SynchroNEES.

In the “Overview” tab click on the NEEShub location to/from which you want to move files. A new tab will be created that shows the directory structure for that location. In the upper right corner of this tab will be a smaller tab labeled “My Files”. Click on this smaller tab to display the contents of your local computer.


You can now move files by dragging them to/from locations in the upper pane from/to locations in the bottom pane.

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