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Development Road Map

* Build initial prototype authoring program.

* Canvas current visualization tools.

* Gather requirements from researchers, users, IT including various NEES sites.

* Determine suitability of existing data sets in the NEES repository.

* Generate authoring files for selected data sets.

* Collect information about existing data sets.

* Build initial prototype of plotting program.

*—— Read authoring files and selected NEES repository data files.

*—— Handle selected data sets.

* Launch both tools from webpages.

* Demonstrate initial prototype for use-ability and visibility.

* Complete basic features.

*—— Add time-scale axes.

*—— Automatically determine possible graphs to be generated.

*—— Stacked graphs.

* Demonstrate prototype to small group of selected researchers.

Get feedback for current direction, planned features, future directions, etc.

* Demonstrate prototype to NEEScomm IT.

* Include access to NEES repository.

*—— Query projects/experiments/trials?

* Finalize “indeed” file syntax.

*—— Does the authoring tool provide all the information we need for plotting?

*—— MATLAB file format.

* Extended features

*—— Trial vs trial capability.

*—— Initial “story” capability. Specify data sets and graphs generated.

* Gather requirements for extended “story” capability.

* Test against various raw data sets.

* Experiment vs experiment capability.

* QA testing.

* Write user guide and make how-to videos.

* Alpha testing

*—— Allow special researchers/users to use plotting/authoring tools from HUB.

*—— Provide limited upload capability to view user data.

* Replay capability.

*—— Display marching waveforms.

Image (RDV-like pictures) data if available.

* Annotation feature.

*—— Allow researchers/users to add comments to a “story”.

* Back-annotation feature.

Trace graph data points back to table data.

* Plug-in service for pre and post processing of data.

*—— Developer created services.

* Integrate plotting with simulation tools.

* Beta testing

*—— Open tool to expanded set of special researchers/users.

*—— Tool usage tracked.

* Initial release to all users.

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