NEES - Windows Tool Development Help Guide

Help Guide for Windows Tools Deployment

This is a help guide for helping developers release windows tools onto the NEEShub. These steps are subject to change as the windows execution hosts mature over time. We will attempt to provide the developer with the proper steps from start to finish. These steps will not include the detailed steps which are outlined on NEEShub on how to contribute a tool (as a resource) We will provide more details on what it currently takes to add the extra steps on the windows execution host.

System Requirements

* Must run under Windows Server 2008 R2 (DataCenter) environment
* Must work within one of the available screen resolutions (800×600 or 1024×768)
* 3D graphics capability not currently supported

1. Contribute a tool through NEEShub’s normal tool registration process (see process flow below)
2. Follow this tool contribution process up to the point where the tool is ready to be published.
3. The tool developer will need to contact NEEShub (via ticket) and start the process of getting the tool installed onto the windows execution hosts.
4. The installation file(s) will need to be provided to NEEShub. The best way for this to happen is to upload the installation file(s) as supporting documents on the tools resource page. The file(s) will be downloaded from there and installed on the windows execution development host.
Note: This part of the process could take some time depending on the amount of complications during installation.
5. The developer will be contacted if any issues arise during the installation process or during run-time.
Note: The developer will have to fix any issues before the tool is fully published and made available on NEEShub.
6. Once all of the issues have been fixed the hostreq type and tool path (path on the windows execution host) will need to be updated on the NEEShub.
7. The working tool will then be installed on the windows execution production host(s) as an app template.
8. The app template will be added to the master clone container AND to each running container.
9. The tool can NOW be published and made available for use on NEEShub.

Current NEEShub (Linux) Tool Process


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