PEN Quick Start - Creating New Objects

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Creating New Objects

You can create new objects (i.e., experiments, trials, repetitions, simulations, hybrid simulations, etc.) using the PEN tool. When objects are created, they are created at the parent level. For example, at the project level, you can create new experiments, simulations, and hybrid simulations; at the experiment level, you can create new trials and specimens; at the trial level, you can create new repetitions; etc.

To create a new object, select the parent object, right click, and select “Create ____” from the menu, where ____ is the object that you are trying to create.

Creating objects at the project level: Create1.jpg

Creating objects at the experiment level: Create2.jpg

NOTE: It should be noted that the Coordinator object of a Hybrid Simulation is a unique object type. A Hybrid Simulation can only have one Coordinator. Thus, there is no “Create Coordinator” menu option. If your Coordinator should happen to get deleted, you can readd it by selecting the Hybrid Simulation in the left panel, right clicking, and selecting “Add Default Directories” from the menu.

Newly Created Objects

Newly created objects are created locally and will appear in blue in the left panel. These objects must be uploaded before they can be viewed in the Project Warehouse.


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