PEN Quick Start - Adding Default Directories

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Adding Default Directories

When an object (i.e., experiment, trial, repetition, simulation, run, hybrid simulation, coordinator substructure, etc.) gets created, there are certain default folders that are created with that object. If you should happen to delete these default folders for some reason, it is very easy to re-add them.

To re-add the default directories to an object, select the object in the left panel, right click, and select “Add Default Directories” from the menu.

For these images, I have deleted the Analysis, Documentation, and Environment folders from Experiment-1 and will be adding them back using the “Add Default Directories” menu option. You will note that the re-added directories are local (blue) and need to be uploaded before they will be visible in the Project Warehouse.



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