PEN Quick Start - Duplicating Objects

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Duplicating Objects in PEN

PEN allows you to duplicate objects so if you have created an Experiment, Trial, Repetition, etc. and you need several more of these objects, instead of creating new objects, you can duplicate the existing objects.

Duplicated objects will belong to the same parent object as the object being duplicated. For example, if you duplicate Trial-1/Rep-1, the repetition that gets created will also belong to Trial-1. If you want to create copies of your objects across different parent objects, you will need to use the copy and paste functionality.

When you duplicate an object, the object description, start date, and end date will be copied to the new object, but the object title, any files, and any objects belonging to the duplicated object will not be copied. For example, in the images below an experiment is duplicated. The trial and specimen objects are not copied to the new experiment. If you want to keep the files and objects belonging to the parent object, you need to copy and paste the object rather than duplicate it.

Duplicated objects are created locally. They will need to be uploaded before they can be viewed in the Project Warehouse.



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