PEN Quick Start - Editing Materials

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Editing Materials

Materials are a special type of object. Unlike other objects where you can only edit the basic information, you can specify all of the material information.

To edit the material properties, select the material in the left panel. In the “Info” tab in the right panel, you will be able to provide a title, material type, description, and material properties. The material properties vary based on the selected material type.

The following material types are available: concrete, steel, rebar, soil-clay, soil-sand, rock, wood, composite steel, and masonry. There is also an “other” material type should your material not fit into one of the available types.

After editing the material properties, be sure to click the “Save” button or else you may lose your changes.

You can edit the material properties of materials that are local (blue object) and that exist both locally and in the Project Warehouse (black object). If you edit the material properties of a material that has been uploaded into the Project Warehouse, those changes will be reflected immediately in the Warehouse.


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