PEN Quick Start - Importing Files

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Importing Files

You have three options for importing files in the PEN tool:

Option 1: When you select a directory in the left panel into which you can import files, a “File Import” tab will appear in the right panel. Select the file(s) that you want to import in the right panel. Drag the files to the target location in the left panel and drop them.


Option 2: Instead of dragging the files to the target location in the left panel and dropping them, you can select the files you want to import and click the “Import Selected Files” button at the bottom of the right panel. If you use the “Import Selected Files” button, the files will be imported into whichever folder is highlighted in the left panel.


Option 3: You can drag and drop files from your file browser (i.e., Windows Explorer, Nautilus, etc.) to the target location in the left panel.

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Importing Folders

You can also import folders that contain files. All sub-directories and files within that folder will be imported with the parent directory.


Imported Files/Folders

Imported files/folders are copied to the local directory. This means that you may now have two copies of these files/folders on your local computer – your original copy and your imported copy. You may note in the figure below that the imported files are blue. Imported files/folders only exist locally; you still need to upload them into the Project Warehouse.


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