PEN Quick Start - Opening a Local-Only Directory

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Opening a Local-Only Directory

Once a local directory is connected to a project, PEN will reconnect to that project each time that local directory is opened in the PEN tool. However, if a local directory has not yet been connected to a project, you can open that directory in PEN and create objects, import files, etc. without having to connect to a project first. This tutorial will show you how to open a local directory in PEN without connecting it to a project.

There are two ways to open a local directory in PEN.

The first way to open a local directory is to click the folder icon next to the “Not Connected” status in the top of the right panel. This will spawn an open dialog box where you can browse to your local directory.


The second way to open a local directory is to use the File > Open menu option.


If the local directory that you choose is already associated with a project, PEN will automatically open the associated project. This means that once a local directory has been associated with a project, you can no longer work on this directory in PEN without being connected to that project (you can always work on this directory outside of PEN via the file browser).

If the local directory is not associated with a project, the “Not Connected” status will still appear at the top of the right panel, and the project-level parent directory in the left panel will appear in blue.


You can now add objects and import files into this local directory.


You must connect this directory to a project before these objects/files can be uploaded into the Project Warehouse (covered in this tutorial). If you try to perform an upload, you will be prompted to connect the directory to a project.


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