PEN Quick Start - Preferences

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Editing the PEN Tool Preferences

The PEN tool allows you to edit certain preferences that affect how the tool behaves in certain situations. The preferences settings can be accessed using the Tools > Preferences menu option. This tutorial will explain each of the preferences options.


Default Project Directory

When you open a new project, PEN will initially suggest a local directory to which you can connect that project. PEN’s suggested local directory is created using the default project directory in the preferences menu combined with the project number. For example, in the image below, the default project directory is C:\school\NEEShub\PEN and the number of the project that I am opening is 4, so the suggested local directory for that project is C:\school\NEEShub\PEN\4. If you decide to use this suggested directory, and the directory does not already exist, PEN will create it for you.


Debug Mode

Debug Mode is used to help the PEN tool developers identify and troubleshoot issues that may occur within the PEN tool. When Debug Mode is turned on, a special Debug menu will appear. Generally, you will not need to use Debug Mode. If you encounter an issue that is difficult to diagnose, NEES support may ask you to turn on Debug Mode in order to gather more information.


Attempt to Recover and Continue after Failed Upload

This menu option allows you to continue a failed or cancelled upload from the point where you left off. For example, if a file is 60% uploaded and then you lose internet connection, or you need to cancel the upload for some reason, you can restart your upload and PEN will attempt to resume the upload at 60% instead of starting over.

Show Confirmation Popup after Successful Action

This menu option will allow you to turn on/off the popups that appear when you upload and download files, delete files, checksum files, etc.


Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings option allows you to change your upload/download connection settings. If you are having problems with your upload speed or connection, you may want to try changing some of these settings. If you are unsure of what changes you should make, contact contact NEEShub support through the support ticketing system, and they will help you.


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