PEN Quick Start - Re-opening a Project

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Re-opening a Project

When you open a project, you connect that project to a local directory. From that point on, an association exists between that project and that specific local directory. Each time you open that local directory, PEN will automatically open the associated project.

When you launch PEN, the list of exiting PEN folders (folders that have previously been opened in PEN) will be shown in the right panel.


There are two types of folders shown in the image above.

  • Folders for which only the directory path is shown (e.g., C:\School\NEEShub\PEN1041) are local-only directories. These are directories that have been opened in PEN but have not been connected to a project (For more information, see this tutorial).
  • Folders for which a project name is given, are local directories that have been connected to a project (e.g., 86: NEES-2005-0086 NEESR-GC: Seismic…). The local directory path for these folders is shown in parenthesis after the project name.

If you have more than one local directory associated with the same project, that project will be listed twice (e.g., project numbers 1167 and 1139 in the image above).

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