PEN Quick Start - Refreshing the Project View

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Refreshing the Project View

There may come a time when you want to refresh your project view in PEN. For example, perhaps you copied/moved/deleted a file using the file browser (e.g., Windows Explorer) outside of the PEN tool but with the PEN tool open, and now you would like to see those changes in PEN.

There are two ways to refresh your project in PEN.

The first refresh method can be used to refresh a specific node without having to refresh the entire project. To refresh a node, collapse and re-expand it in the left panel using the – and + symbols next to the node.

A file has been added to Experiment-1/Trial-1 outside of PEN.


Collapse Trial-1.


Re-expand Trial-1. The view of Trial-1 has been refreshed, and the added file is now there.


The second refresh method is a project-level refresh. To perform a project-level refresh, click the refresh button next to the project number at the top of the right panel. Performing a project-level refresh will collapse all of the nodes in the left panel.



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