PEN Quick Start - Uploading Objects in PEN

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Uploading Objects in PEN

Uploading Objects

Newly created objects are created locally and must be uploaded before they can be viewed in the Project Warehouse.

Objects may contain multiple sub-directories and files. When you upload an object, you must upload at the parent level, and all sub-directories and files belonging to that object that have not been ignored will be uploaded at the same time.

To upload an object, select the object at its highest level in the right panel, right click, and select the “Upload” option from the menu. Alternatively, you can also use the upload link that appears in the left panel.

If you upload an object that does not yet have any files and you have confirmation popups turned on, you may receive a confirmation dialog box that states “Upload complete: no files available for upload.”


Uploaded Objects

Once an object has been uploaded, it will turn black in the left panel, indicating that it now exists both locally and in the Project Warehouse.


Object Naming

When objects are created, they are named ObjectType_#. The number is incremented based on how many of these objects exist locally. For example, if you create three new experiments and there are no other local (blue) experiments, those experiments will be named Experiment_1, Experiment_2, and Experiment_3.

As these objects are uploaded, their numbering is changed based on the number of these objects that already exist in the Project Warehouse. For example, if Experiment-1 already exists in the Project Warehouse, and local Experiment_3 is uploaded next, Experiment_3 will become Experiment-2. Note the change in numbering, and the change from underscore (_), which is used in the local naming scheme, to dash (-), which is used in the Warehouse naming scheme.

In the images shown above Experiment_1 was created locally and became Experiment-3 upon upload because Experiment-1 and Experiment-2 already existed in the Project Warehouse.

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