PEN Quick Start - Associating Data Files with inDEED

by Rachelle Howell, Ian Mathew

Associating Data Files with inDEED

When you upload an inDEED mapping (*.ind file) into the NEES Project Warehouse, you need to flag your data file as an inDEED file so that the Project Warehouse knows that it is an interactive file.

You can flag data files in any of the ../Rep-#/XXX_Data folders or the Project-level, Experiment-level, and Trial-level Analysis folders as inDEED files.

In PEN, you make this association by selecting the file in the left panel, and changing the “Default Tool” field in the “Info” tab in the right panel to “inDEED”. Be sure to click the “Save” button to save your change.

You can change the default tool information on files that exist locally (blue files), files that exist in the Project Warehouse (grey files), and files that exist both locally and in the Project Warehouse (black files).


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