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Projects that are Useful for Investigating SHM and Model Updating (in progress)


This wiki provides a list of resources within the NEEShub related to structrual health monitoring (SHM). According to the likelihood of usefulness for SHM, the picked projects fall into three categories including certain, probable, and possible.


Dynamic Measurements from a Laboratory Truss in Healthy and Damaged Conditions

Structural Health Monitoring of Tall & Special Buildings

Large-Scale Validation of Seismic Performance of Bridge Columns

Fiber Optic Method for Buried Pipelines Health Assessment after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement

Low-Cost, Strong-Motion Sensor Packages to Obtain Full Spectrum Waveforms for Earthquake Early Warning and Structural Monitoring Applications

Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Buried Pipelines after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement

144 DOF Dynamic Measurement from a 50’ Full Scale Highway Sign Support Truss in Intact and Damaged Conditions

RAPID: Mapping of Earthquake Damage in Precast Buildings in Christchurch, New Zealand


Ultra-Low Cycle Fatigue and Fracture in Steel Structures

Highly-Damage-Tolerant Slab-Column Frame Systems

Control of Plastic Hinging Behavior of RC Bridge Systems

International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow’s Braced Frame Systems

NSF RAPID: Collection of Damage Data Following Haiti Earthquake

Multi-Scale Simulation of Low-Triaxiality Fracture and Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue in Steel Structures

NSF RAPID: Post-Earthquake Monitoring of Buildings in Chile Using NEES@UCLA Resources: NSF RAPID CMMI-1040574

Damage Detection of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Combined Actions


Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Materials

Experimental Investigation of a Full-Scale Flat-Plate Reinforced Concrete Structure Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Loading in the Inelastic Range of Response

Investigation of Near-Fault Ground Motion Effects on Substandard Bridge Columns and Bents

Performance of the Base-Isolated Christchurch Women’s Hospital during the Sequence of Strong Earthquakes and Aftershocks in New Zealand from September 2010 through 2011

Controlled Rocking of Steel-Framed Buildings

Collapse Vulnerability and Seismic Design of Metal Buildings

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