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SynchroNEES - a tool for data sharing within groups

by Michael McLennan


Getting Started

SynchroNEES is a desktop tool for sharing files within groups. If you want to share some data with your research group or other colleagues, start by creating a group on NEEShub. Once you’ve created the group, it will show up on your My NEEShub page in the My Groups pod. (If you don’t see that pod on your page, click the Personalize link and add it.) Clicking on any group name within the pod will take you to the group’s web area.

Click on the Data Sharing tab within a group to create a “drop box,” which acts as a shared folder for the group. Only members of the group can read/write data within the drop box folder; data stored there is protected and backed up.

The SynchroNEES tool makes it easy to access your drop box folder. Use the links below to download and install the tool on your desktop machine. When you run the tool, it will ask you to log in with your NEEShub username and password, and it will display the list of groups that you belong to. Clicking on any one of the groups will bring up a tab showing the drop box for the group:


Click on My Files to browse through the files on your desktop. Then, drag and drop files to and from the dropbox folder. Right-click on files (or command-click on MacIntosh systems) to get other options, such as rename and delete.


SynchroNEES is a desktop tool that you download and install on your own system. Select one of the easy-to-install binaries for your system type.

*Not yet compatible with Windows 8.

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