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Wish List - Wish List: Wish #165

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Ann Christine Catlin

neeshub groups and project warehouse

I need to know more about how the project warehouse sets up the neeshub group. My “wish” has to do with the fact that the neeshub group established by creating a project in the warehouse has no group manager.

George and I are working with a number of NEESR project teams on their NEEShub project “group” — to make sure they get the most out of the group capabilities and also to work on new group capabilities might be useful. These projects have had to add us as members of the “research team” at the project warehouse (to get us into the NEEShub group).

In our discussions with the groups, they think it would be more logical to have the PIs or administrator of the project warehouse “team” be made the mananger(s) of the NEEShub “group”, and be allowed to invite new people into the group (who would not be in the warehouse project team). The group manager should not be allowed to delete anyone on the warehouse project team from the NEEShub group, but would be allowed to add new people to the group membership who are working with them on group tasks.

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