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Lucas Laughery

Improved Default Filename when Downloading Sensor List

When viewing a sensor list in browser, the user has the option to download the list by selecting the button "Download Sensors." The filename of the downloaded list is always "Sensors-Experiment-XX" where XX is the experiment number. If you are downloading sensor lists from Experiment-1 from many different projects, you'll end up with a bunch of lists with titles like: "Sensors-Experiment-1, Sensors-Experiment-1(1), Sensors-Experiment-1(2)" and so on.

It would be great if the filename also included the project number. This way, if a user is downloading from multiple projects, they won't end up with a bunch of duplicate file names. This simple change would help them stay organized as they work with / reuse the data.

One possible suggestion is something like "1157-Exp-1-Sensors." The first four digits would be the project number. Then, if a user is downloading multiple sensor lists across multiple projects, they can be quickly sorted. 

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